It is necessary to ensure that any installation complies with the relevant equipment certificate as well as with this standard and any other requirements specific to the
plant on which the installation takes place. To achieve this result: a verification dossier shall be prepared for every installation and shall be either kept on the premises or stored in another location. In the latter case, a document shall be left on the premises indicating who the owner or owners are and where that information is kept, so that when required, copies may be obtained.
NOTE The verification dossier can be kept as hard copy or in electronic form. Methods accepted by legislation in each country can have an impact on the form in which the documentation will be legally accepted.
In order to correctly install or extend an existing installation, the following information,
additional to that required for non-hazardous areas, is required as part of the verification dossier.
To achieve this result we have developed EPDS:

EPDS does it all!
EPDS – explosion protection documentation system –
EPDS+ – electronic portable documentation system –
Various functional modules included:
– ex inspection
– legal frameworks: fire-, work- and environmental protection, & more
– lifetime tracking
– site work
– verification dossier
– asset’s identification
– SAP, … connectivity (interface)
– ex personnel competency
Altogether: full compliance to hazardous area and general industries

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