competent body (IEC 60079-0)
individual or organization which can demonstrate appropriate technical knowledge and relevant skills to make the necessary assessments of the safety aspect under consideration:
Equipment and systems used in exceptional circumstances, for example research, development, pilot plant where explosion protected equipment is not available, need not meet the requirements of this standard, provided that the installation is under the supervision of a competent body and one or more of the following conditions, as appropriate, are met:

  • measures are taken to ensure that an explosive atmosphere does not occur; or
  • measures are taken to ensure that this equipment is disconnected before an explosive atmosphere occurs, in which case ignition after disconnection, e.g. due to heated parts, shall be prevented also; or
  • measures are taken to ensure that persons and the environment are not endangered by fires or explosions.

In addition, the measures or conditions or control shall be documented by a competent body who:

  • is familiar with the requirements for this, and any other relevant standards and code of practice concerning the use of electrical equipment and systems for use in hazardous areas, and,
  • has access to all information necessary to carry out the assessment.
    good question: the body shall be competent or the person who drives it?

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Citation from IEC 60079-14:2013 4.5:
“Competency can be demonstrated in accordance with a training and assessment framework relevant to national regulations or standards or user requirements.”
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