a new trend has been introduced here: how we do Ex…! it shall be understood by all who are in charge for explosion protection.

·         Data collection from site ( existing policies related to Ex procedures, PTWs, HSE)

·         Meetings with Maintenance, Assets and Operations personnel for their inputs

·         Draft SEP – see minimal content of sent sample documents 

·         Include references to IEC 60079 series of standards requirements and site specific conditions

·         Include non-electrical ignition sources and their handling policies

·         Include inspection schedules, intervals, site based competence requirements

·         Include Ex training, certificates, refreshment courses, training containers

·         Include operating manuals, instructions for online VD

·         Determine responsibilities matrix for Ex issues based on job descriptions/functions

·         Determine access rights to online VD actions (read only, general query, professional access to modify, change, save and email automatic notifications to all concerned parties)

·         Include Ex rated equipment procurement control

·         Include HA classifications, layouts, sections, materials schedules and update requirements

·         Include in house inspections protocol (assuming competent personnel with valid certificates)

·         Include third party inspections and audit intervals and protocol

·         Include modifications to existing Ex installations and its verification and acceptance

·         Include new Ex installations and its verification and acceptance   

·         Submit draft SEP to site MAO for review

·         Update SEP with comments

·         Do workshop or presentation as required 

·         Issue final SEP to all parties

best in SEP – one information package about hazardous area compliance. specially interesting for companies working in different regions and with many sub-contractors multilingual.

keep up good work!


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