Typical Problems Encountered During Ex p / Ex v Inspections v Inspections

Throughout any inspection campaign non-compliant issues are going to be found. Here are some common issues we have found whilst conducting inspections on  pressurised/ purged or ventilated equipment.

• If an Ex p or Ex v house or container, no Statement of Assessment (report) exists to indicate compliance to an acceptable standard

• Installed equipment, intended to operate until the environment is purged and/or pressurised, is not explosion protected

• Ex p: The minimum internal overpressure cannot be achieved as per the design standard

• Ex v: The minimum flow rate cannot be achieved as per the design standard Door or cover seals are perished or missing

• Documentation missing or incorrect

• Certificate of Conformity not read

• Labels missing or not illegible

• Cable damage

• The inlet and outlet ports are not positioned correctly

• Inadequate protective pressure / flow

• Dirty filters

• Pressure outside the permitted range

• Faulty instrumentation, gauges and meters

• Build up of dust or dirt

• Incorrect application or use of the equipment

What others can you think of?

Few addings:

  • Personnel competence
  • Not correct maintenance
  • Not correct zoning
  • Not clean air for ventilation

Source: https://www.haspecialists.com.au/blog/typical-problems-encountered-during-ex-p-and-ex-v-inspections/

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