Typical Problems Encountered During Ex e and Ex n Inspections

Throughout any inspection campaign non-compliant issues are going to be found. Here are some common issues we have found whilst conducting inspections on Increased Safety or Non-Sparking equipment.

• Incorrect Zone (Zone 2 only for Ex n and Zones 1 and 2 for Ex e)

• Incorrect Group for hazardous area classification

• Incorrect Temperature Classification for hazardous area classification

• Incorrect ambient temperature range for environment

• Installed components are not certified for a hazardous area (internals of Ex e and Ex n enclosures are hazardous areas, identical to those they are installed in)

• Installed components are not the same as indicated in the manufacturer’s documentation

• Documentation missing or incorrect

• Certificate of Conformity not read

• Labels missing or not illegible

• Cable damage

• Terminals not torque up correctly

• Cable glands and stopping plugs not appropriate

• Seals damage 

• IP washers missing

• Power dissipation calculations not correct/available

• The enclosure or seals are damaged such that a minimum ingress protection (IP) rating of IP 54 cannot be established

• Glands or other accessories have a minimum rating of IP54

• Uncertified or incorrectly certified enclosures/equipment installed in the hazardous area and no Conformity Assessment Document

What others can you think of?

Source: https://www.haspecialists.com.au/blog/typical-problems-encountered-during-ex-e-and-ex-n-inspections/

Few addings:

  • Missing Ex personnel competency
  • Not trained personnel
  • Not proper locknut
  • Missing earthing
  • No proper documentation of maintenance and repair

Keep up good work!




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