The explosion protection design section shall be prepared…

…on the basis of a given methodology with at least the following content (detail as required):

(a) a brief description of the technology envisaged, specifying the design limits;

(b) a description of the risk of explosion;

(c) a description of the material properties relevant for explosion protection,


The explosion-relevant parameters of the dangerous substances are given in EN IEC 60079-20-1 and -20-2.

(d) zone classification documentation for the proposed technology,

(e) a description of the protection level of the electrical and non-electrical equipment to be installed,

(f) technology risk analysis to verify the appropriate level of safety (operational), analysis of the source of ignition of the technology.

(g) explosion-protection systems of the proposed technology, which include at least:

(ga) structural protection: explosion-proof construction, pressure-resistant construction, fissile or fissure-opening surface (fissure panels, fissile discs, explosive doors), Q-pipes, flame arresters, detonation straps, fluid closures, breakage or folding protection devices, other architectural solutions, etc.,

g.b) instrumental protection with associated latches,

(g) (c) built-in explosion protection systems: explosion suppression, fire barriers, spark arresters, quick-lock valves and dampers, pressure relief valves, flow restrictors, rotary-cell dispensers, double shut-off valves, dampers, bleeders, inertia.

(g.d) the demonstration of an adequate level of security in accordance with the relevant technical regulation,

Note: According to EN 1127-1

g.e) design of escape routes, emergency exits,

g.f) protection against electrostatic charge,

g.g) lightning and surge protection,

g.h) maintainability,

g.i) markings (prohibition of zone boundaries, grounding points, ignition source entry) at least for technology planner.


The explosion protection design section shall be revised as necessary during design, construction and operation.

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