Typical locations for hazardous substances Gases, liquids, and vapors

• Petroleum refineries, and gasoline storage and dispensing areas

• Dry cleaning plants where vapors from cleaning fluids can be present

• Spray finishing areas

• Aircraft hangars and fuel servicing areas

• Utility gas plants, and operations involving storage and handling of liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas


• Grain elevators

• Flour and feed mills

• Plants that manufacture, use or store magnesium or aluminum powders

• Producers of plastics, medicines and fireworks

• Producers of starch or candies

• Spice-grinding plants, sugar plants and cocoa plants

• Coal preparation plants and other carbon handling or processing areas

Fibers and filings

• Textile mills, cotton gins

• Cotton seed mills, flax processing plants

• Plants that shape, pulverize or cut wood and create sawdust or flyings

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