Whenever you buy an installation, E.g a television, you install it, and use it accordingly, then there shall be no issue – it shall work perfectly.

Same it is true with Ex assets. You buy one, install it and use it accordingly.

Is it that simple? Yes and No – both valid here.

There shall be:

– a valid hazardous area classification, and shall comply with it

– an Ex competent installateur shall do the installation based on design provided by an Ex competent designer

– Ex asset shall have all related docs incl Ex certificate, manual, dataplate on it

– 3rd party inspector shall do a detailed Ex inspection (valid for non.electrical Ex too)

– after valid results function may start

– any action related to Ex compliance shall be tracked with proven records

– Ex asset shall be identified with a tag, as per part of lifetime tracking

– min interval for inspection is 3 yrs in case of permanent installation

In case of possible hazardous environment the Ex compliance always has an advanced position before functionality.

Keep up good work.




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