Primary – Secondary – Tertiary explosion protection

So far we can say it is all about prevention.

Primary: prevention like how to avoid the presence of hazardous material…

Secondary: prevention like how to avoid presence of ignition sources…

Tertiary: prevention like how to avoid any harmful consequence of a blast or similar…

Picture gives a good indication: partial we can be successful here and the remaining dangers we shall cover with the next possible protection layer.

All 3 shall be with importance for the complete technology in possible hazardous environment. Completeness shall be with all presence there.

Keep up good work!


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  1. This is the kind of apparently useless data that I like to know about. Zebra pattern functionality was previously explained as a sort of camouflage. The black and white bands were widely used i the I and II World Wars. Especially on ships. The argument was that the Zebra pattern disrupted the sense of perspective, thus altering the perceived geometry of the object.
    I wonder if the crews of ships painted with the Zebra pattern in WW II suffered less from mosquitoes in the Pacific theatre.

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