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Non compliance to explosion protection / hazardous area compliance is subject of violation against law and life too.

Value of life and assets to maintain while safeguarding compliance to Ex focusing on manufacturing, design, installation, operation, maintenance and repair is the possible way forward. All shall be with quality level understanding of Ex personnel competencies.

Ex compliance shall be subject of total lifetime in any possible hazardous area industries.

Ex forensics does give evaluation on global level.

Forensic process starts with the collection of data, and after assessment, possible further evaluation ends with the integration of results within into the analysis of incidents under investigation.

Areas – all related to hazardous area (explosion protection) compliance – mediation & forensics from exprofessional.com:

πŸ“Œ manufacture of chemical raw materials

πŸ“Œ manufacture of mining and construction machinery

πŸ“Œ manufacture of rubber and plastic products (except road vehicles)

πŸ“Œ pharmaceutical production

πŸ“Œ heat engines and systems

πŸ“Œ manufacture of metallurgical machinery

πŸ“Œ manufacture of non-ferrous metal and aluminum metallurgical products

πŸ“Œ manufacture of mechanical power transmission equipment

πŸ“Œ manufacture of agricultural machinery

πŸ“Œ storage of agricultural products

πŸ“Œ manufacture of machinery for paper and printing

πŸ“Œ printing industry

πŸ“Œ hydrocarbon production, exploration, transportation

πŸ“Œ machine tool manufacturing

πŸ“Œ manufacture of detergents and cosmetics

πŸ“Œ manufacture of man – made fibers

πŸ“Œ manufacture of tires


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