Few yrs back I was asked to give a training to company providing Ex installations. Since that time we do yearly follow up mainly focusing on one topic: Ex glanding.

Why is it that problematic?
– all are Ex, but not the same
– many do JB in Ex d, but consider it Ex e
– it is only a gland
– …
There are many possible replies…
What is important here? Choose the gland based on protection method of housing. That is the most simple way of going ahead. But if you choose one level higher – see pic – than consider min. requirements of the selected Ex gland.

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  1. You are on the BALL as the y say – relatively straight forward “compliance” with reference to EN 60079-14: 2014 Table 10, Page 58 applies ‘inclusive’ of additional reference to Clause 10.4 Page 59; accordingly, referred as in e.g. Type of Protection Ex ‘e’ (as example) recently discussed in a previous discussion/enquiry regarding the Selection of Cable Glands specific to an Ex ‘e’ (discussion debate in the use of Ex ‘e’ certified entries) – this is absolute as in your guidance interpretation given above. Bill Gabriel IEng MIET.

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