End of the yr statistics we have made via summarizing our projects we covered in 2017:
– hazardous area classifications for over few 10.000 km2 Ex industrial areas we delivered (worldwide)

– we do have a software for it

– over 50 explosion protection documentations we delivered and trained
– close, detailed ex inspections for over 200.000 ex installations we realized
– ex type certifications for over 30 non electrical installations, 2 electrical ones we covered
– ex personell competency trainings (2-10 days) for over 500 colleagues (operators, responsible persons: managers and designers (electrical, non-electrical)) we delivered
– we have become an Ex Training and Certification Center (including EN, IEC and ISO standards Ex personell competencies)
– we published a book – title: ex competency inventory
Screen Shot 2017-12-25 at 7.19.12
– we invested in a new / old complex – we call it Ex Works – rebuild in progress (over 3.000 m2)

– we have gone social: www.atexdb.eu
– blog: exprofessional.wordpress.com where we publish all our recent experiences
– our lifetime tracking software becomes 4.0 in 2018


demo site

– we developed a product, called: Ex RFID SA1 tag – http://www.exrfidtag.com/en – identification of both assets and documentation
Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 15.19.17
– we do have a great team

– all our engineers are Ex certified

Was a nice experience we made in 2017, we look forward 2018!!!
Nice bein’ with YOU all ?

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