Recently Explosion protection – Hazardous Area Compliance – Ex personnel competencies all have become very trendy… more & more speaking about and believe to have found sg new.
Trendy means something new, something extra. Let us make here a statement: Explosion protection is not new at all.
Through the times it was the basic of any hazardous area projects and industries, protection concepts like Ex d (flameproof housings), and more they have accompanied us from the very early beginning.
Early standards and connected regulations all defined the rule: no uncontrolled ignition source there shall be and any Ex protected installations’ lifetime tracking must be documented.
Ask those who come from the mining industries, they know what an ignition source might be, but all areas of industries nowadays are strongly connected to Ex on various levels starting from production areas via stocking, but all new energy sources too.

Keep up good work, there is nothing new in terms of Ex, but we shall learn from non compliance. This is our best interest.

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