ExUnBox introduction (video)

What is ExUnBox exactly?

Even if you are not an Hazardous Area industry player, your daily life is full with Ex related issues: petrol stations, sugar, kakao powder, but wastewater network too may explode, if one does not give the minimum respect.

You are most welcome to the world of Ex.

Hazardous Area Industries do have various level of regulations, standardizations, directives and schemes related. All in charge have to be the most up-to-date.

ExUnBox.com shall give you the user experience of hazardous area compliance what is in the box, and furthermore what should be in the box. We choose Ex certified products of manufacturers to your best interest from the simple to more complicated ones and assess them as per follow:

– product

– Ex certifications

– minimum requirements (documentation, etc.)

– in what extent it can be used (means of Ex protection layers)

– special conditions of safe use (if any)

– possible applications

Click here to find our ExUnBox.com youtube chanel!ExUnBox.com is provided by exprofessional.com. Further queries pls send to: veress@exprofessional.com.

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