Mandatory skills of an Ex supervisor (manager)

Minimum competencies:
General:Detailed knowledge of explosion protection (gas / dust)
Supervisor (manager): hazardous area classification / read design / understanding Ex installation and maintenance concepts / close inspection

Further competencies (optional):
Non-electrical explosion protection: ISO 80079-36/-37
Repair: IEC 60079-19
Design: IEC 60079-14 with regards to design
Are you a supervisor on Ex field? pls check your competencies. It shall not be a one time practice, but more a daily if you agree.
Keep up good work!

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  1. One remark from a Linkedin user: This maybe what is expected, but in reality, i have found Supervisors who know absolutely Nothing at all about Hazardous Area Electrical Equipment, even to the point when they didn’t know the difference between a Barrier Gland or Compression Gland or when to use them. That was on a recent Job. I even know of some So called Senior HA Coordinators/Inspectors who don’t even know what either “X or U” at the end of Cert Number means, and they want Supervisors to know all this, You must be Joking of Course.
    Most Supervisors think its just a Tick and Flick sheet and if you don’t like it Leave.

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