Key control measures for managing the Ex risks include:

  • identifying and managing hazardous areas
  • controlling emissions of flammable vapours, gases and mists (see below)
  • use of ventilation systems to control vapours during both normal and abnormal conditions (e.g. leak or spill)
  • eliminating ignition sources from hazardous areas (see below)
  • installing systems to detect leaks of flammable gases or vapours and enable response actions to be taken
  • using intrinsically safe, flameproof, etc equipment
  • substituting flammable materials for ones that are less flammable or combustible
  • ensuring incompatible materials (e.g. oxidizers and oils) are separated or segregated
  • reducing quantities of flammable and combustible materials, including items that contribute to the fire load but that are not hazardous chemicals themselves (e.g. wooden pallets, oil)
  • ensuring equipment used in handling flammable hazardous chemicals is maintained in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions
  • adopting good housekeeping practices to minimise accumulation of combustible dusts.

All about money, time and efforts, BUT more about saving life.

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