Non electrical Ex competencies shall cover the Ex electrical ones too?

Just been asked to take over a training course from another training institute where participants (with mechanical disciplines) decided not to continue an Ex technician course, because most of training days were about electrical basic definitions. They asked a teacher who is coming from machinery discipline and the training shall highlight the deepness of mechanical explosion protection.
Were they correct? Was it a right decision?
Let us see the facts first of all:

  1. non electrical Ex personnel competencies are not defined
  2. No standard does give a definition about non electrical Ex personnel competencies
  3. Directives like ATEX say electrical and non electrical ignition sources are to be handled in a safe way by operator
  4. EN 1127-1 / EN 15198 define possible ignition sources and the approach of risk assessment
  5. ISO 80079-36/-37 go the same way around the topic integrating both above
  6. Hazardous Area Classification is strongly connected to machinery and its Ex safe operation

So we all have to be very much aware of both electrical and non electrical sides of explosion protection.
Funnily: I asked the participants what they daily deal with: Ex torch and an Ex instrument.
Keep up good work!

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