a cut out from iec 60079 10 1 : 2020

“Once a plant has been classified and all necessary records prepared, it is important(!) that no modification to equipment or operating procedures is made without reference to those responsible for the hazardous area classification.
The hazardous area classification should be updated for any plant or operational changes.
Reviews should be carried out during the lifetime of the plant.”

So a HAC shall always be up-to-date. No doubt, no question about it.

When it is time to check whether it is up-to-date or not?:
– applying for a job, project (extension, remedial…)
– doing any design
– doing any E.g Ex inspection
– doing maintenance
– doing any repair
– …

So let us agree on the fact – ALWAYS. Before starting any work related to site, you shall always check whether HAC is up-to-date.

Saying that it means you are also responsible for it.

Keep up good work!


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