Ex OE stands for Ex owner’s engineering.

it is not a public job announcement.

it is a public position announcement.

Ex OE does represent the best interest of Ex compliance for the project overall, independent it comes from owner, EPC, or … .

Ex OE shall be there at all meetings related to overall compliance… whenever you look at a project fire safety – work safety – process safety – … and similar topics are targeted with all possible tools. HERE we shall make a statement, whenever we do all above in a possible hazardous environment, all our tools, options, procedures limited to and beyond Ex compliance of the project. that is our limitation now, this level we shall cover by now.

Ex OE shall be aware of URS, design stage, installation, commissioning, but operation / maintenance and repair as well.

a decade ago we have introduced this term: Ex OE to global market, few conferences we have done presentations about the methodology, and now all projects delivered by now with the contribution of an Ex OE clearly shows the meaning of it. it is not a 24/7 position, it is a milestone based one and does work and well.

Keep up good work!


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