The suit above is a bear hunting one in Russia back in centuries. Even there were several methods to be prepared for the one (un)expected scenario.

What about our hazardous Ex industries? Are we prepared?

Ex compliance engineering talks about primary, secondary and tertiary explosion protection. This 1-2-3 is always the right choice to make. Never start with 2nd or 3rd immediately. Simply take your time and engineer it that way.

Why am I saying this? Few weeks back I was told these are expressions not used today. All know nowadays what to do and how to do Ex. This way of engineering is simply old fashioned and outdated.

I might be old fair enough, and I still say go the 1-2-3 way of it.

Primary stands for avoiding the presence of hazardous material, secondary prevent the ignition of hazardous material around, and tertiary takes care about the safe happening.

Documented it has to be, and make it as part of your ECOsystem (Ex Controlled Organization).

Keep up good work!


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