gray H2 – Hydrogen is extracted from fossil gas releasing CO2 emissions into the air

gray, and blue

blue H2 – Hydrogen is extracted from fossil gas before CO2 emissions are trapped and stored permanently underground

green H2 – Hydrogen is extracted from water using renewable electricity and releasing oxygen into the air

H2 – Ex safety relevant data

Ex requirements

When it comes to Ex protection, zone classification as per IEC 60079-10-1 must be performed and, if necessary, ignition protection methods as per IEC 60079-0 ff. must be implemented.

The specific Ex conditions in oxygen-rich atmospheres must be observed.

Maximum concentration of released hydrogen is 1%, with the use of gas detectors.

Emergency stop and shut down measures.

Mechanical requirements

Material must be expected for all operationally: • mechanical • thermal • electrical • chemical loads.

Enclosures must have sufficient fire resistance. Adequate protection against electrostatic charging. Pressure bearing components must have the required strength. Protection against external influences shall be covered.

Ex personnel competence

• Zone classification as per IEC 60079-10-1 • Installation as per IEC 60079-14 • Types of protection with reference to IEC 60079 and IEC 80079-36/37 • Inspection and maintenance as per IEC 60079-17 • repair as per IEC 60079-19

H2 is a trendy topic today. Many countries and companies around do focus on it.

Ex compliance shall be covered, specially when it comes to delegation of responsibility. H2 is Ex hazardous.

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