Nothing to do with Ex directly, but (de)still(ery) – so Ex shall be considered.

Limoncello, the Italian liquor based on lemon essential oils, is becoming increasingly popular around the world. This digestive is not only an iconic representative of Italian food culture, but it is also a complex colloidal system, made of essential oils, ethanol, sucrose, and water. Smell, aroma, taste, and appearance of Limoncello do, of course, depend on the components, in particular on the peculiar essential oil mixture. Accordingly, several studies are available in the literature investigating the composition of various Limoncellos. However, the microscopic structure plays an equally important role when it comes to the sensory properties of food and beverages. In this work, small-angle neutron scattering was used to probe the microscopic structure of Limoncello, revealing the presence of spontaneously formed 100 nm-sized droplets over a large range of composition and temperature. The results are not limited to this famous drink but can be extended to the rapidly developing formulations based on water-insoluble oils, water, and alcohols.

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