ability to apply knowledge and skills to achieve intended results

Ex competent person
person who can demonstrate a combination of knowledge and skills to effectively, efficiently, and safely carry out activities in hazardous areas
Note 1 to entry: Competence is specified by activity (e.g. classification, design, selection of equipment, installation, maintenance, testing, inspection, repair) and can be limited by Types of Protection, product types, groups, etc.

mechanism that is part of the evaluation (assessment), which measures a candidate’s competence by one or more means such as written, oral, practical and observational
SOURCE: ISO/IEC 17024:2012, 3.9, modified – In the definition, “assessment” replaced by “evaluation (assessment)” and “as defined in the certification scheme” omitted.

demonstration of personal attributes, education, training and/or work experience
SOURCE: ISO/IEC 17024:2012, 3.7, modified – In the definition “demonstrated” replaced by “demonstration of personal attributes” and “as defined in the certification scheme” omitte

independent verifier
person or organization, with the appropriate competency in the applied explosion protection methodology, responsible for the verification of design calculations, assessment and testing who are separate and distinct by management and other resources, including financial, from the person or organizations responsible for all the activities associated with the design, manufacture or sales of the equipment
Note 1 to entry: This can be a second- or third-party assessor, a test laboratory, a certifying body etc.

system designer
person who is responsible for the descriptive system document, has the necessary competence to fulfil the task and who is empowered to enter into the commitments on behalf of his employer

InHouse Ex competency system is a tool. A tool to be developed, but even for to be applied in order to define possible and required level of acceptance.

Explosion protection, hazardous area compliance strongly depending on personnel competency. Not only with paper proven, but real knowledge shall be there. This is my castle, so first I have to be competent, then I shall see how far you are competent. At the end of the day we shall speak the same language, have the same understanding on depth of competence.

Keep up good work!


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