Sounds very simple:

  • Electrical Ex – electrical, instrumentation
  • Non electrical Ex – machinery
  • Environment – built and designed
  • Mankind – personnel competencies

BUT not easy to follow.
safex.pngLet me go in a row:

  1. electrical Ex – we do have experience with, easy to get Ex certified products all over the world according to different schemes, directives, local regulations and recertifications. Lifetime tracking is a must have.
  2. non-electrical Ex – started with EN 13463, and turned into ISO 80079-36. not yet daily practice, many installations still to be delivered without any proper assessment, where no 3rd party certification exist. Huge risk. Lifetime tracking is a must have.
  3. environment – built and designed shall be by Ex competent designers – many on the road, more needed.
  4. mankind – personnel competencies – leak in the system – overcomplicated by many organizations – simply described in the standards – regulation shall come either from country itself or from responsible ones.

In all cases any ignition source shall be hunted and solved. Ways are many…
Keep up good work.

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