Reasons why I became an Ex manufacturer

We all purchase Ex installations, and we specify, design, install, commission, operate, maintain and repair it according to:

  • Manufacturer’s Ex certification, manual and list of accessories
  • Functionality
  • hazardous area classification
  • explosion protection documentation / Verification Dossier

As long as we take them 1:1, no problem.
BUT if we do any modification related to:

  • Ex protection
  • Functionality
  • List of accessories
  • Manual

We immediately may become a manufacturer of that one piece of Ex installation.
Follow up is simple I have to behave like a manufacturer, there is a need for:

  • Ex unit/type certification
  • Own declaration of Conformity
  • Own manual
  • List of accessories
  • Own label

Make sense to avoid becoming a manufacturer.
Keep up good work!
Ps.: if there is a Ex service facility, we might have another option…

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