ExAM vs Ex personnel competency – worth to read!!!

We have created something newExAM.
No, it is not new – but the name: it is still ExAM.
We have re-created the real content of the relevant international standards (EN/IEC 60079-10, -14, -17 and -19) with regards to Ex personnel competencies and given a new platform, called ExAM.
Simple: this way we emphasise the real content of EN/IEC 60079-10, -14, -17 and -19 regarding competence on both theoretical and practical level.
Many people don’t know that the Annexes to these Standards regarding competence exist and even when they do know of the existence they don’t understand that these Annexes are normative (refer to http://www.iec.ch/standardsdev/resources/draftingpublications/directives/subdivision/annexes.htm ) and NOT informative where:
Normative = prescriptive = how to comply
Informative = descriptive = help with conceptual understanding
What is ExAM?
ExAM is a methodology, which covers all requirements of related Ex personnel competencies defined by relevant EN/IEC/ISO standards.
ExAM (link) is owned by ExNB Certification Institute (link).
ExAM methodology has been approved by the European Commission (GROWTH Directorate-General) according to ISO 17024.

  • An Ex competency training shall be a further education
  • In a team as a minimum of one Ex supervisor, one Ex technician shall be present

Minimum Ex personnel competencies (see units):

  • General: Detailed knowledge of explosion protection (gas / dust)
  • Operative / technician: read hazardous area classification and design / installation / maintenance / detailed inspection
  • Supervisor: HAC / read design / understanding Ex installation and maintenance concepts / close inspection

Further Ex personnel competencies (see modules):

    • Non-electrical explosion protection: ISO 80079-36/-37
    • Repair: IEC 60079-19
    • Design: IEC 60079-14

Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 18.05.03.png
Currently we are looking for training providers (TP), who might be interested to join ExAM. We do have Turkey, Malaysia, Saudi, UAE, Hungary, India, Norway, Spain, Italy, USA and Tunesia in progress.
TP does cover the training, and ExNB does cover assessment and certification.

  • Contract one TP each country worldwide
  • Training material
  • If requested first training(s) together
  • Participation at train-the-trainer program
  • ExAM assessment and certification
  • Online listing of successful candidates
  • Marketing material
  • Annual audit
  • Annual conference
  • Further personnel competency programs (Eg. EOE – Ex owner’s engineer, Ex manufacturer)


  • Qualified trainers
  • Location
  • Boards for practical (spec comes from ExNB)
  • Local marketing
  • Quartal reports

Our aim: ExAM shall become an InHouse Competency System, where real Ex competency is measured and validated based knowledge and the time and cost ratio is affordable.
There might be many more questions from your side, we believe so. We are available: exam@exnb.eu
Keep up good work!

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