Most of EPCs, owners, designers, etc are not aware of it.

More and more I am told about the compliance of Ex non.electrical the following way:

  • Ex certified electrical motor
  • the pump is protected by a temperature sensor (Ex ib)
  • and everything is properly grounded

Non.electrical Ex is a must have in case of all Ex installations with non.electrical ignition sources.

According to ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU:

  • as per cat1 3rd party certification is required by an approved Notified Body
  • as per cat2 manufaturer’s declaration with technical file registration from an approved Notified Body is required
  • as per cat3 manufacturer’s declaration is the minimum requirement
    Note: voluntary Ex certification is an option for both cat 2 and 3

According to IECEx for all cases the involvement of a Certification Body shall be there.

Question: so the use of temperature sensor is enough? Sure not.

Awareness is a key topic here.

Keep up good work!


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