Ex Owner’s Engineer (ExOE)
Owner’s Engineer, also known as the Client’s Engineer, is a term often given to the representative of the commissioning company of a construction or engineering project.
Most often, an Owner’s Engineer is a subcontracted role; undertaken to protect the owner’s interests by ensuring that the technical and build contractors are adhering sufficiently to the project specification. Owner’s Engineers also fill gaps in resources and expertise for a project.
At the end of the day all have to be Ex. If only assessed at the latest stage you may face a quite unwanted situation. Better to follow all your activities with the support of ExOE.
ExOE is a possible further education module to all Ex supervisors, designers under various schemes, concepts (#IECEX, #COMPEX, #ATEX, #ExAM, and many more) if interested.
Citation from IEC 60079-14:2013 4.5:
“Competency can be demonstrated in accordance with a training and assessment framework relevant to national regulations or standards or user requirements.”

ExAM makes it happen – new trend in the world of Ex personnel competency methodologies.
More information: exam@exnb.eu

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