The Owner’s Engineer (OE): Support for Your Project

Every kind of project comes with many challenges. Apart from making sure that work is on schedule and on budget, project owner’s also need to ensure that the complexity of the project is mastered and the risk in investment reduced.

Especially for large projects involving many companies, these tasks can exceed the owner’s capacities. In addition, some projects require specialized personnel, but maintaining highly experienced experts only for a time-limited project phase can be very expensive.
Therefore, project owners need a reliable partner to support them in any issue that may arise.
Hazardous area compliance is the one area where the need for OE is there.

Keep up good work!
Citation from IEC 60079-14:2013 4.5:
“Competency can be demonstrated in accordance with a training and assessment framework relevant to national regulations or standards or user requirements.”

ExAM makes it happen – new trend in the world of Ex personnel competency methodologies.
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