The employer operator shall order in writing the operation of a hazardous facility, workplace, work equipment, technology (hereinafter referred to as occupational safety commissioning).

A prerequisite for occupational safety commissioning is a preliminary examination from the perspective of occupational safety. The purpose of this examination is to determine whether the facility, workplace, work equipment, technology meets the material, personal, organizational, and work environment conditions necessary for safe and healthy work performance, and complies with the requirements of worksafety. The conduct of this examination qualifies as an activity in occupational safety and health.

The occupational health tasks required during the preliminary examination of occupational safety may also be performed by a person with public health epidemic control or supervisory, or public health inspection or supervisory qualifications, with the approval of the physician of the occupational health basic service provider.

The preliminary examination must particularly consider whether the declarations of those establishing the facility (designer, contractor), the measurement results proving compliance with occupational safety requirements, the declarations of conformity, certificates for the work equipment, the necessary official permits, and instructions required for operation are available.

Moreover, a prerequisite for the commissioning of certain hazardous work equipment defined in the ministerial regulation responsible for employment policy is the test report issued by an accredited organization based on the conformity assessment of the given work equipment, including the results of the examination.

The requirement relating to the declaration of conformity shall also apply to the restart or relocation of hazardous work equipment and technology.

If hazardous work equipment or technology is operated on a trial or experimental basis, the risks of trial or experimental operation must also be considered during the commissioning process. Commissioning for trial or experimental operation of hazardous work equipment or technology may only proceed after conducting preliminary examinations independent of the trial or experimental operation. Such operation must not exceed 180 days.

The preliminary examination for occupational safety – except in the case of hazardous technology – may be conducted by a person with specialized training and professional qualifications in occupational safety, a person authorized by law, or an accredited institution. The examination of hazardous technology must be conducted by a person with a professional license in occupational safety.

Occupational safety in potential hazardous environment requires skills of Ex personnel competency.

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