Required docus after repair of any Ex installation

Certificates and documents

The equipment design certificate and other related documents should have been obtained as part of the original purchase contract.
Related documents:

The repair facility shall seek to obtain all necessary information/data from the user or manufacturer for the repair and/or overhaul of the equipment. This may include information relating to previous repairs, overhauls or modifications. The repair facility shall also have available and refer to the relevant explosion-protection standard.
NOTE As from the fourth edition of IEC 60079-0, manufacturers are required to prepare instructions including repair.

The data necessary for the repair and/or overhaul includes, but is not limited to, details of the:

  • technical specification;
  • drawings;
  • type(s) of explosion-protection;
  • operating conditions (such as environment, supply (inverter), lubricants, duty, etc.)
  • dismantling and assembly instructions;
  • certificate documentation with certificate limitations (specific conditions of use), where specified;
  • marking (including Ex marking);
  • recommended methods of installation/operation/maintenance/repair/overhaul for the equipment;
  • list of spare parts;
  • summary of previous history of the repaired product including information as gathered

The information may be subject to amendments.
The repair facility shall maintain copies of any relevant explosion-protection standards with which repaired/overhauled equipment is claimed to comply.
All above shall be part of the lifetime tracking in general in order to be able to deliver proof of evidence about integrity of explosion protection.

EPDS does it all!
EPDS – explosion protection documentation system –
EPDS+ – electronic portable documentation system –

  • Various functional modules included:
  • ex inspection
  • legal frameworks: fire-, work- and environmental protection, & more
  • lifetime tracking
  • site work
  • verification dossier
  • asset’s identification
  • SAP, … connectivity (interface)
  • personnel competency

Altogether: full compliance to hazardous area and general industries

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