what exactly required to build up an Ex repair facility?

there are some Ex personnel competency training programs talking about repair. is it enough to move ahead with any Ex repair facility?
Please note to establish any Ex repair facility you need to fulfill 3 requirements according to iec/en 60079-19: – ISO 9001 audited / managed QM system (detailed description about how to make it happen) – requested tools – competent persons: 1 Ex supervisor and 1 Ex technician depending on what you repair (electrical, non-electrical).


it is still required to use the proper marking for any repaired installations:

  • In accordance with certificate documentation and/or manufacturer’s
    specification – this mark is to be used only when the repair or reclamation is in accordance with this standard and the repairer has sufficient evidence of full compliance with the certificate documentation and/or manufacturer’s specification.

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  • In accordance with the type of protection standards but not the certificate
    documentation – This mark is to be used when either
    a) the equipment is changed during repair or reclamation so that it still complies with the restrictions imposed by this standard and the explosion-protection standards to which it was manufactured, but repairer has insufficient evidence of full compliance with the certificate documentation; or
    b) the standards to which the equipment was manufactured are not known, but the
    requirements of this standard and the current edition of the relevant explosion-protection standards have been applied but repairer has insufficient evidence of full compliance with the certificate documentation. An assessment, by a person competent in assessing explosion-protected equipment has been conducted to verify compliance with the relevant level of safety prior to release of the equipment by the repairer.
    In these situations the certification labels should not be removed.

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NOTE These marking are required for the benefit of subsequent repairers and the only difference between the markings is the method of compliance.
Keep up good work!

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