Title: sample Ex Compliance Engineering

Transfer of information from client:
– Existing HAC layouts, equipment data sheets, product certifications
– HSE policy
– Work Permit Procedures
– Definition of applied HAC regulations

– Kick off meeting to clarify Ex Compliance study objectives, identify study focus areas and determine execution methodology
– Submission of initial report highlighting management plan, control procedure & area classification philosophy/design basis for COMPANY review & approval.
– Preparation of overall IECEx certification management plan, control procedures, execution strategies from concept to commissioning, evidence file
– Data collection from site (HAC layouts, equipment lists, products certificates, maintenance records)
– Report including preparation of design basis for area classification studies and identify list of deliverables.
– Ensure operability, quality and effective cost to the COMPANY satisfaction and completion of Ex Compliance objectives within agreed project execution schedules
– Ensure that COMPANY HSE Policy objectives are adhered
– Recommendations as required as per scope of work for increased plant safety
– Ensure that all Vendor supplied equipment and packages are fully compliant with Ex compliance requirements
– Gap analysis and risk analysis and mitigation
– 30% engineering design review
– Training to project personnel for installation and commissioning with regard to IEC Ex compliance.
– HAZOP workshop
– EHAZOP workshop
– HAZID workshop
– Design Basis, Specification and Data Sheets are to be issued for design after COMPANY approval
– Procurement documentation to be reviewed prior to order of equipment.
– 60% engineering design review
– EHAZOP workshop
– HAZID workshop
– 90% engineering design review
– EHAZOP workshop
– Optional: FAT (factory acceptance test)
– Review and inspect the installation (Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning)
– Site Ex Policy for handling, installation, verification and inspections of hazardous area located electrical and non-electrical equipment
– Verification Dossier (software based: EPDS)
– Site based training to operational personal (including hands on practical)
– Site Survey/As –built documentationRequirements/Amendments
– Competent Plant Owner Team -Optional: Awareness & Ex Professional Training
– Goal: Common Understanding of Ex Engineering

End Result:
– Ex Compliant Plant/Project, Increased Plant Safety, Audit Friendly HAC site

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