1. What does IP stand for.?
2. On a hazardous area map what pattern typically denotes a Zone 2?
3. In what decade was the ATEX Directive initially published – 1980’s, 1990’s, or 2000’s?
4. What is a QAN and a QAR?
5. Which gas groups can a piece of equipment certified for IIB be used in?
6. What does the D stand for in II 2 GD – Division, Flameproof, or Dust?
7. What protection concept is Ex o?
8. What does Gb mean
9. What is SIL an acronym for?
10. Which zone are you likely to be in when you are filling your car up with fuel at a petrol station?Answers:

1) Ingress Protection.

2) Solid lines on diagonal

3) 1990’s.

4) Ex Equipment manufacturers quality assurance (Quality Assurance Notification & Quality Assessment Report)

5) IIA & IIB.

6) Dust

7) Oil Immersion

8) Gas Zone 1

9) Safety Integrity Level.

10) Zone 2 (assuming Stage 2 vapour recovery installed)

Source: ex-pert.com

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