Possible ignition sources and what else

– Hot surfaces

– Flames and hot gases (including hot particles)

– Mechanically generated impact, friction and abrasion

– Electrical equipment and components

– Stray electric currents, cathodic corrosion protection

– Static electricity

– Lightning

– Radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic waves from 104 Hz to 3 × 1011 Hz

– Electromagnetic waves from 3 × 1011 Hz to 3 × 1015 Hz

– Ionizing radiation

– Ultrasonic waves

– Adiabatic compression and shock waves

– Exothermic reactions, including self-ignition of dusts

In case of bullet production how do you consider the part called primer rim? What about the alu ladder – shall it be earthed? What about surge protection for potential hazardous areas? … few more questions… which all are not listed in relevant Ex standards at all!

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