Insulating containers in Ex environment

In external Zone 2, insulating containers with a nominal capacity exceeding 5 l should not be used for flammable liquids and should only be used for non-flammable liquids under the following conditions:

a) All conductive and dissipative components, particularly metal funnels, should be earthed;

b) During filling operations the liquid should be in good contact with earth, for example, by an earthed metal fill pipe reaching to the bottom of the container. During emptying operations the appropriate precautions should also be applied to the receiving vessel;

c) The liquid flow rate during filling operations should not be greater than that recommended for a metal container of similar size;

d) Do not carry out operations such as fast mixing, stirring or wiping of the surface that may generate hazardous electrostatic charges.

In Zone 1 containers of insulating material with a capacity exceeding 5 l should not be used. Containers with a nominal capacity up to 5 l may be used with flammable and non-flammable liquids provided the flow velocity is limited to 1 m/s and the precautions for Zone 2 are met.

In Zone 0, insulating containers are strictly forbidden except small ones (≤ 1 l) for sampling inside tanks.

NOTE Small coextruded containers > 5 l with a dissipative outer and an insulating inner layer are available on the market which are preferable.

Whatever we use filling in and out, or carrying around, we shall consider all above.

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