You are on site, and you do Ex detailed inspection.

There are:

– a motor – Ex de – cat2 solution – T4

– a pump – Ex c – cat3 solution – TX

– Pt100 temp sensor – Ex ib – cat2 solution – T6

Only doc available: DoC of motor.

HAC: Zone 2 IIA T3


– is it enough to comply with Ex requirements? No.

– is it assembly or individually sourced items mounted here locally? No one dataplate, so probably option 2.

– Ex c might mean nr of requirements, E.g TX, and what about dry running, pressure values, transported materials, …

– as of extra motor is with VFD, so temp monitoring shall be an issue.

Even here the min shall be per item:

– proof of Ex compliance, here: ATEX


– dataplate

– design variables

Keep up good work!

Actual result: failed.

Ps: show must go on.


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