You are on site, and you do Ex detailed inspection.

There are:

– a motor – Ex de – cat2 solution – T4

– a pump – Ex c – cat3 solution – TX

– Pt100 temp sensor – Ex ib – cat2 solution – T6

Only doc available: DoC of motor.

HAC: Zone 2 IIA T3


– is it enough to comply with Ex requirements? No.

– is it assembly or individually sourced items mounted here locally? No one dataplate, so probably option 2.

– Ex c might mean nr of requirements, E.g TX, and what about dry running, pressure values, transported materials, …

– as of extra motor is with VFD, so temp monitoring shall be an issue.

Even here the min shall be per item:

– proof of Ex compliance, here: ATEX


– dataplate

– design variables

Keep up good work!

Actual result: failed.

Ps: show must go on.


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  1. I would like to get clarification with regards to Ex nR electrical equipment LED Floodlight with Ex nR Cable gland from CPM brand. Appreciate if you can advice us on the Ex requirement if this new LED Floodlight to be installed at Zone 2 area.

    Herewith are the Technical specification of the new LED Floodlight.
    Manufacturer: STAHL
    Model type: 6525.2124-1701-6021-242.
    Voltage: 110vac ~ 277vac.
    Frequency: 50/60Hz
    Max: 3x16A

    Please advice of the requirement. Looking forward to your respond/feedback from your side.

    Thank you very much

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