Sure not. IIC, IIC (H2), IIB + H2 all have existed for a long time. Oil and gas people have been aware of H2 for many years. Think about CH4. By today commercial gas pipelines are mixed up with around 30% H2.

On the other side we do have the green side of people. Colleagues who treat H2 as environmental friendly. Fuel cells, H2 in public trafic and many more. So is H2 the new trend today.

Even them need to be addressed and communicated. Kind of heavily if not louder.

H2 is an Ex topic, we shall never forget. Still few say: no danger at all, lighter than air – so flying away. Pls DO your hazardous area classification as per standard, you shall be surprised – H2 still there and around.

H2 here we come.

Keep up good work!


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