Preferences of an existing Ex personnel competency methodology called ExAM

1. Training material by ExNB (methodology owner)
– theoretical
– practical (boards specified by ExNB)
2. Approved Training Provider (each country one TP)
3. Training Provider audited annually
4. Examination(!) and certification by ExNB (Notified Body)
– with training
– without training
5. Successful attendees listed at (immediate online checking)
6. InHouse Competency System (optional)
– checking procedure of Ex skills
– if further training required, immediate availability
– owner’s interest
– audited by 3rd party (ExNB)
7. Assessed and approved by European Council based on EN/IEC/ISO 17024
8. Global coverage of Ex personnel competencies defined by relevant standards
9. Dedicated to hazardous area personnel and authorities
10. Based on 22 years of worldwide Ex_perience

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