one ExNB (Ex Notified Body) can provide pre-evaluation services already at the early stages of the product development cycle, starting with design evaluation, followed by testing and project management services throughout the different development stages of your product.
A pre-evaluation of your product allows you to:
Minimize the risk of having to redesign your product should it fail tests at a later stage of its development.
Reduce time to market, since pre-evaluation helps you avoid design remakes due to failed tests.
Several regulatory requirements may apply to one single product. one ExNB can identify which requirements that are relevant to your product and make sure that it will comply with these.

one ExNB’ pre-evaluation service scope:
Product identification – Validation of product type including identification of product characteristics relevant for the testing and certification process, including confirmation of access to your target markets.
Identify regulations/standards – Following product identification, we ensure the identification of specific regulations and standards for your product category considering intended use and target markets.
Product design review – Typically this is a visual evaluation of your product design documents and possibly also product prototype(s), as dictated by the requirements of the identified regulations and standards.
Examination of components documentation – Critical components in your product must have relevant documentation and valid certificates in place.
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