Waste storage facilities (commercial)

Depression gas is produced in waste storage facilities. In Hungary, 13 sites with a total of 13-15 million cubic meters of waste gas are recovered, which can reach 100-120 million cubic meters per year. Energy content 1.8-2 PJ. Only a fraction of this value is utilized, generating about 2 GWh of electric power and 12 TWh of thermal energy with an installed capacity of 0.3 MW.

After proper preparation, the landfill gas can be introduced into the local gas pipeline. It can be used for energy production, heat production. Excess gas is flared. Untreated and unburned gas escaping from the depot surface is highly polluting. After combustion (torch, boiler, gas engine) it has a combustion product similar to natural gas. The EU is paying particular attention to the re-cultivation of the unused landfills and the destruction of the gas there.

Ex hazard is there as well. Wind and other conditions may make it as a huge hazardous Ex area.

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