ComplEx Facility Assessment and Certification (CFAC)

Hazardous area industries do require full compliance to explosion protection. In any possible hazardous area environment all activities shall be related to pre-defined responsibilities of explosion protection.

Hazardous area industries shall be classified into zones. Based on zoning electrical and non-electrical installations shall be specified with relevant Ex certifications. Both zoning and specification of Ex installation shall be consequent and all related to countries’ legislation (if any). If there is not one in place owner of hazardous area industry shall come to the decision which to follow.

Final responsibility is always with the ownership and all on site are in charge for keeping up the integrity of explosion protection. Design, specification, installation, commissioning, inspection, operation, maintenance and repair shall follow up the specifications given by hazardous area classification which shall be driven by technology as a good basis.

The one in charge for explosion protection is the owner of site, all duties and actions shall be driven by instructions and whole lifetime of hazardous area site shall be defined by explosion protection.

In most of cases today explosion protection’ check point is the Ex inspection (both initial and repeating interval). And then it comes a period of time where explosion protection shall be maintained by Ex competent personnel. All internal and external workforces shall have full understanding about explosion protection related to the site they work for. All procedures shall maintain the integrity of overall explosion protection.

All hazardous area industries are with complEx procedures. From early design stage (incl. specification) many different entities, departments are involved in the realisation of hazardous area compliance. In all cases many different aspects shall be considered and validated. Few aspects to be mentioned here:

– fire safety;

– work safety;

– environmental protection;

– IT security;

– Project management


In many industries there is a common understanding Hazardous Area Compliance (Explosion Protection) is the dot on the ‘i’., which means all these aspects shall be taken into consideration, if our aim is to realise all above. And Yes, it is.

Hazardous area industries do require precise judgement and validation of hazardous area compliance in its complExity. Validation shall come from 3rd party, and shall be based on full understanding the one industry site the validation is about.

Possible procedure here:

– display of the legal framework

– overview of the one hazardous area industry site’s own regulations

– specification of dedicated questions

– kick off meeting

– definition of all related aspects: IT security, procurement, work safety, environmental protection, fire protection, etc.

– based on the above, a checklist will be formulated and audited (tools: tours, audits, interviews)

– audit report, list (weighted classification)

– summary (education)

– evaluation

– certification

– annual audits

CFAC is a methodology with focus on hazardous area compliance related to real time operation. ComplEx Facilities of hazardous area industries have a great potential risk. This risk shall be supported by all related actions, it is all of our aim here to increase the level of safety.

In Case of a possible incident – applying CFAC – the owner of site is in the situation to introduce a functional Ex system in place, and how it was in operation. Even deviations are easier to identify, if there is a validated (assessed and certified) system in place.

CFAC is any applicable tool for all audits performed by investors, authorities, insurance companies and even for stock market.

CFAC can be used for assessment and certification of Ex service companies like design, installation, maintenance and repair facilities.

More and more on the market we find companies with establishment for evaluation of internal and external service providers. All have one common: the required level of understanding related to explosion protection shall be delivered, maintained but understood as well. CFAC is a framework for all involved.

Keep up good work!


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