IEC 60079-14 in chapter of Verification Dossier speaks about the ‘ID’ topic in general which shall be the solid basis of lifetime tracking for each and every asset in possible hazardous environment.

Same topic comes to stage in case of Ex inspections too. Asset’s identification is important to follow up. Certainly even if it goes about maintenance, repair and overhaul, but possible settings too.

Above certain amount of installations a possible IT system shall be available. IT security is an issue here with high importance.

One available option identification comes as part of Ex installation (JB, light fitting, etc). Otherwise it shall be added either while being installed or inspected.

For any possible and available IT system the way of identification can be:

– digits and entered manually

– barcode (fix, sticker, etc)

– QR code (fix, sticker, etc)

– RFID (passive, active using NFC) Ps.: RFID shall be Ex certified

Note: serial number, etc can be an option too, if any available

All are possible options and available. Reader shall be Ex certified (no additional questionmark)!

A longlasting and reliable solution can be the RFID way of doing. Reason is simple: no copy paste job. Inspector / auditor shall be close to the installation… That way validity of full compliance in place.

Keep up good work!


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