The Explosion Protection Documentation (EPD – ATEX 153) can be considered as a description of safe operation based on the validation of the design stage of a potential hazardous environment. The EPD outlines the measures and precautions put in place to mitigate explosion hazards and ensure the safe operation of equipment and processes.

In the case of a green field investment, where a new facility is being established, it is essential to create an Ex design chapter as part of the overall design process. This chapter focuses on Ex compliance engineering and encompasses the specific requirements for explosion protection. It serves as a foundation for subsequent design activities, ensuring that explosion protection measures are properly integrated into the design from the beginning.

For a brown field project, where an existing facility is being modified or expanded, the existing EPD becomes the solid base for further design stages. However, a new Ex design chapter should be opened to address any additional requirements or modifications needed to maintain compliance with explosion protection standards. This chapter summarizes the topics related to Ex compliance engineering specific to the brown field project, ensuring that the design changes align with the existing EPD and address any new risks or hazards introduced.

The Ex design chapter plays a crucial role in ensuring that explosion protection is considered and incorporated throughout the design process, providing a framework for safe operation and compliance with relevant regulations and standards.

EDC – Ex Design Chapter is an existing and well known practice of similar industries. So far it has been part of other discplines like electrical, mechanical, etc. Let us make it separate and focus on Ex. Ex is a framework, which has its influence to all next to eachother. As we define an Ex hazardous area, all available tools shall be Ex and according. So EDC rocks…

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