The verification dossier according to IEC 60079-14 and the Explosion Protection Documentation (EPD) according to ATEX 153 serve different purposes and are associated with different aspects of explosion protection. Here’s a brief comparison:

1. IEC 60079-14 Verification Dossier:

  • IEC 60079-14 is an international standard that provides guidelines for the design, selection, installation, inspection, and maintenance of electrical installations in potentially explosive atmospheres.
  • The verification dossier is a collection of documentation that demonstrates compliance with the requirements specified in IEC 60079-14.
  • It typically includes information such as design calculations, equipment specifications, installation details, test reports, inspection records, maintenance procedures, and any other relevant documentation related to the electrical installations in the hazardous area.
  • The purpose of the verification dossier is to provide evidence that the electrical installations meet the necessary safety requirements and have been properly implemented and maintained.

2. ATEX 153 Explosion Protection Documentation:

  • ATEX 153 is a European directive that outlines the minimum requirements for the protection of workers in potentially explosive atmospheres.
  • The Explosion Protection Documentation (EPD) is a comprehensive document required under ATEX 153.
  • The EPD provides a systematic assessment and documentation of explosion hazards, risk analysis, and the measures implemented to prevent and protect against explosions in the workplace.
  • It includes information such as the identification of hazardous areas, classification of substances and mixtures, risk assessments, control measures, procedures for safe operation and maintenance, emergency response plans, and any other relevant information specific to the workplace and its hazardous environment.
  • The purpose of the EPD is to ensure that the necessary explosion protection measures are in place, well-documented, and communicated to all relevant personnel.

In summary, the verification dossier according to IEC 60079-14 focuses specifically on electrical installations in potentially explosive atmospheres, while the Explosion Protection Documentation according to ATEX 153 covers a broader range of aspects related to explosion protection in the workplace. Both documents serve to ensure compliance with relevant regulations and standards, provide evidence of safety measures, and contribute to the safe operation in potentially hazardous environments.

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